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The difference between teaching and instructing

The difference between teaching and instructing

Instructor's perspective on tech courses

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about modern scuba training of late, how it’s changed over the years, why it is or isn’t deemed adequate depending on what you…

Decompression theory- Part III

Decompression theory- Part III

Everything else

The previous two articles on decompression theory introduced and discussed numerous processes that occur in our body as we breathe gases under pressure whilst diving. Some of it is pretty…

Decompression theory- Part II

Decompression theory- Part II

Bending goats

Bending goatsIn the last article I began to provide an overview of our current understanding of decompression theory, and it appeared very quickly that a few paragraphs wouldn’t really do.…


Big Blue Technical Diving, Koh Tao, Thailand

Technical diving in Thailand provides the perfect environment for you to take the next challenge in your diving life. Set in the warm waters of the bay of Thailand with easily accessible dive sites ranging from wrecks to deep pinnacles we have the perfect environment for recreational divers to bridge into the fascinating world of Technical diving.

We offer Specialty and Tech courses from SSI, SDI and TDI and can tailor courses to suit our guest’s requirements, with a training pool at the office, beach location and a dedicated boat for Tech we dive to our own schedule.

Here at Big Blue Tech you will find a warm welcome, Tech instructors and divers who dive for fun and the opportunity for you to relaz and dive the certifications you will have worked hard to earn once your course is complete.

Big Blue Tech is proud to be a multiple award winning 5 Star TDI Training facility.

Big Blue Tech… Be Less Ordinary.

Dive Master

Why Big Blue?

bullet5 dive boats per day
bulletUp to 20 divesites
bulletFull day trips to Sail Rock
bulletInstructor Training
bulletEco Internships
bulletBreathhold Diving
bulletFree Dorms




bulletBest Location in Sairee Beach
bulletFull day trips to Angthong Marine Park

bulletFull day trips to Chumphon Marine Park
bulletTech diving Cave & Wreck expeditions
bulletLuxurious Beachfront AC Bungalows
bulletBest Pizza on Koh Tao!
bulletBeachfront Resorts with bar & restaurant


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