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Understanding Narcosis

Understanding Narcosis

Know your enemy

Narcosis is something that all qualified divers should be aware of, have an understanding of how it can affect them as they descend deeper, and know what to do to…

Technical Stress Test Dives

Technical Stress Test Dives

Assessing the competency of technical divers

In the Diving world and particularly the Technical Diving world there are many emergency skills practiced and mastered during training, only to be almost never used again. Ask yourself this;…

Diving inside wrecks

Diving inside wrecks

Training, practice, patience

Divers or non-divers, most people are fascinated by the idea of a shipwreck. On hearing the word, many will think of smugglers, galleons, battleships, or a famous ship sunk in…

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Big Blue Technical Diving, Koh Tao, Thailand

Technical diving in Thailand provides the perfect environment for you to take the next challenge in your diving life. Technical diving courses and trips from beginner to instructor in places around Thailand and South East Asia.

We offer courses for Technical Nitrox and Trimix Divers, Cavern and Cave Divers, CCR Rebreather Divers and other extreme scuba training primarily from TDI-SDI courses. We also provide BSAC and SSI tech training on request.

We provide technical diving expeditions to ship-wrecks, caves and caverns, deep coral walls and destinations all around Thailand with all gas mixes including Nitrox and Trimix with Helium on liveaboards and day boats.

Big Blue Tech is proud to be a multiple award winning 5 Star TDI instructor Trainer Facility

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Koh Tao

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Dive Master

Why Big Blue?

bullet5 dive boats per day
bulletUp to 20 divesites
bulletFull day trips to Sail Rock
bulletInstructor Training
bulletEco Internships
bulletBreathhold Diving
bulletFree Dorms




bulletBest Location in Sairee Beach
bulletFull day trips to Angthong Marine Park

bulletFull day trips to Chumphon Marine Park
bulletTech diving Cave & Wreck expeditions
bulletLuxurious Beachfront AC Bungalows
bulletBest Pizza on Koh Tao!
bulletBeachfront Resorts with bar & restaurant


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