Tech #1 - The Foundations...

    Sidemount / Twinset - Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures

    This TDI package will take you through the foundations of Tech Diving with a focus on the precision diving byond the recreational limits envolves. On completion you will be diving comfortably in a new configuration, able to utalize 100% for accelerated decompression and diving to 45 meters.


    What's Involved?

    The outline for each individual course is available to view on the course page, this package is for a diver who has at least six days and is already confident in recreational equipment. 

    Divers will be working towards becoming a full member of a tech team, this combination represents the foundation courses of any future technical diving, we train divers to lead not to follow. It's also a great way to become more familiar with the equipment and on land procedures, having a dedicated boat for Tech diving (we're the only Tech operation on the isalnd with one) is also a huge advantage.

    How long will it take?

    What do I need to start?


    Am I Fit to Dive?

    Read this Medical questionnaire,if you can answer yes to any of the questions, you may require medical clearance to enroll on a diving course. Email us if you want more information.

    10% DISCOUNT!


    Add Promotion Code BBT- TP1 to your booking comments to recieve your 10% discount on the this package (Discount applies to course ONLY) on arrival.

    Discount only applies to online bookings made prior to arrival.


    40,000 Baht

    Includes: All course materials and certification on successful completion, Sidemount or twinset equipment including regulators, exposure protection, Fins.

    Excludes: Mask, boots, pockets. Divers taking technical courses are also required to have a personal dive computer, these items can be purchased or rented on arrival for you course.

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